Skywalk 2012 by Jay Cochrane: Live on the Wire

Jay Cochrane performs Skywalk 2012, the greatest Building-to-Building highwire performance in North American history, not once but every night from July 6, 2012, to September 24, 2012. When he is done with the 81 dates (weather permitting), Jay Cochrane will set a cumulative distance record approaching 20 miles (30 kilometers) on the 1,300 foot long highwire stretching from the Skylon Tower, 521 feet tall, to the Hilton Fallsview Hotel, Canada's tallest hotel at 581 feet tall. Jay Cochrane raises funds for children's charities at all of his skywalks. Skywalk 2012 by Jay Cochrane is benefiting Tender Wishes and the Boys and Girls Club of Niagara Falls, Canada.

Listen to Jay Cochrane as he speaks live from the wire, telling the world about his special purpose of using his talent to help children worldwide.

Want to learn more about Jay Cochrane's life as a Sywalker? Order the autobiographical DVD for just $10 - Jay Cochrane: My Life as a Skywalker - with the proceeds going to Tender Wishes and the Boys and Girls Club.

Jay has announced that this will be his last year on the wire. He will retire in 2014. Where will he skywalk next on his farewell tour? The CNE in Toronto where he joined the circus and made numerous skywalks? The Barclays Center in Brooklyn, the new home of the Brooklyn Nets? Two 90-story skyscrapers in China?

Day 22 Skywalk 2012 Time Lapse

Thanks to Joe El-Khouri for capturing the webcam and sending us this Time Lapse of Jay's 31 minute skywalk.

Skywalk 2012 by Jay Cochrane: What he sees

The Olympics are almost here. What type of competitor could possibly do what Jay does? This amazing athlete performs the greatest building-to-building highwire walk in North American history daily in Niagara Falls, Canada. And he is 68 years old. His view is incredible.

Skywalk 2012 by Jay Cochrane

Watch Skywalk 2012 then help Jay's Charities!

For a $10 donation, receive the DVD of "Jay Cochrane: My Life as a Skywalker" and all proceeds go to Tender Wishes and the Boys and Girls Club of Niagara Falls.

Skywalk 2012 in 2 Minutes!

WRGZ Video

Jay Cochrane Skywalk 2012 Media Announcement

The Skylon Tower Skywalk

In 2005, the "Skylon Tower Skywalk" by Jay Cochrane began atop the 32-story (364 feet height) Niagara Fallsview Casino, traversing a distance of 1,250 feet, and finished atop the Skylon Tower at a height of 520 feet. Jay's performance was astounding, set to music as he talked to the crowd below, giving the spectators a first-hand experience of what it is like to be on the wire.

The Great China Skywalk

See the greatest Skywalk ever in under 3 minutes!

One October morning in 1995, Jay Cochrane stepped onto a thin steel wire a quarter mile above the Yangtze River in China's legendary Qutang Gorge for his greatest show.

In 53 minutes he skywalked 2,098 feet to the Lion's Face of the gorge, an accomplishment recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the greatest wirewalk in history.

The audio is in Chinese and the visuals speak for themselves in any language!